Big-G Stealth Extractor

Send up to 1,000 Queries per Minute to Google and Bing – without being detected
Get your Google or Bing rankings 500+ times faster than normal
Keep your favourite desktop SEO Software

Typical SEO software can only send 1 to 2 Queries Per Minute (QPM) to Google or Bing without getting banned.

To go faster you would otherwise need to use multiple Proxy Servers in Parallel. And you need a lot if you need to go really fast - leading to mounting costs.

Now you can connect your software to Trusted Proxies' Big-G Stealth Extractor, and use most SEO software, or your own, to send queries to Google and Bing at up to 1,000QPM, which is more than 500 times faster than typical “Search Engine Friendly” mode.

Eg, a modest report of 200 keywords that used to take >6 hours, now updates in 1 minute!

Big-G Stealth Extractor

Connect your Software in 60 Seconds!

Connect your Software in 60 Seconds!

Even though Developers love the Big-G Stealth Extractor, we made it simple so every SEO Professional can connect their software with no technical knowledge or outside assistance required.

Say “Goodbye” to "Search Engine Friendly Mode"!

and run your project updates as fast as your software can handle it. The way it was always intended!

Big-G Stealth Extractor Pricing Plans & Trial

Pricing for the Big-G Stealth Extractor starts from just $30 per month, and can be on a fixed price plan or Pay As You Go. Billing is based on volume and the software you use.

Request a Free Trial so you can evaluate the effectiveness of the Big-G Stealth Extractor for your business’s Search Engine data requirements and so we can provide you with an accurate pricing quote.

Big-G Stealth Extractor Pricing Plans & Trial

Big-G Stealth Extractor FAQ’s

How do I get my software to use it?

You tell your software to use a Proxy Server, and enter the settings we send you in your Welcome Email. If your software doesn't have these settings, you set it in Internet Explorer instead, and MS Windows then tells your software to use the Big-G Stealth Extractor that way.

Is it a Proxy Server?

The Big-G Stealth Extractor is NOT a Proxy Server. In order to make it easy for anyone to use, we designed it so that you use the "Proxy Server" settings in your software, because virtually all software has these settings, and those that don't can achieve the same result by configuring Internet Explorer. This eliminates the need for costly or complicated integrations.

What happens if I try to surf the web with it as if it were a Proxy Server?

As The Big-G Stealth Extractor is not a Proxy Server you will get error messages if you try to use it as a Proxy Server. The "Proxy Server" settings are just there as a low cost and easy way to get you connected quickly.

How fast can I really send my queries?

The Big-G Stealth Extractor is designed to accept 1000QPM. However you may not necessarily always be able to achieve these speeds due to limitations of your software or computer or network. For example, if your software has been designed to send a few queries per minute, it may not be able to handle sending, processing and logging so many queries. Getting a new, up to date computer with more memory and a faster unfragmented disk could help. With popular SEO Software like AWR, we have benchmarked it on some PC's updating at 350QPM, and have other clients with custom software running at 1,000QPM without problem.

Which Google & Bing domains are supported?

Most Google and Bing country domains are supported.

Which countries is it available in?

We have Big-G Stealth Extractors located in the USA, UK and Germany, and a Beta Big-G Stealth Extractor in Australia.

Can it handle huge updates, eg millions of queries?

Although it can, it may not be economic to do so. The Big-G Stealth Extractor has been designed specifically to bring very fast updates "to the masses”. Very fast updates have always been available via our Parallel Proxy Servers but to get the fastest speeds, you needed the largest plans which was cost-prohibitive to most smaller agencies and freelancers.

At a certain point, it becomes more economic for you to use a Parallel Private Proxy Server Plan instead.

Can I have a Free Trial?

Yes, in fact to use the Big-G Stealth Extractor, you need to start with a 7 Day Free Trial so that not only can you evaluate the product for your needs, but so that we can check the compatibility of your software and provide you with an accurate price quote.

Get Started Now by Requesting a Big-G Stealth Extractor Free Trial