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Fast, reliable and scalable Geo-specific highly anonymous Proxy Server Platform & API

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Why Trusted Proxies?

Enterprise Class Proxy Service

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Security Matters

When your traffic passes through Trusted Proxies’ servers, the security of your network, and privacy of your organisation and operations are assured. Our Data Centers are physically secured and as we manage the tech stack, we can guarantee the integrity of your traffic.

Public Proxy Servers (when they work) are completely insecure as you have no idea where your traffic is being routed to, and who is looking at it. Nobody knowingly sets up free Proxy Servers without an ulterior motive, and you’re at risk of setting up a backdoor for intruders into your network.

Aside from being slower, P2P networks can be even more risky as your traffic can be mixed with traffic from the “dark internet” - law enforcement agencies could end up knocking at your door.

Can your company take these risks?
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Prevent Google Blocks
Trusted Proxies works with SEO Agencies, Digital Marketers and Application Developers to provide guaranteed Search Engine Friendly solutions for legitimately extracting data from leading Search Engines, while avoiding the infamous “Google Block”
No Black Hat:
Acceptable Use
Trusted Proxies’ network is designed for “White Hat” Application Developers and Marketers performing “White Hat” activity only. All “Black Hat” use is prohibited. Absolutely no spamming allowed. Read our full Acceptable Usage Policy and Terms and Conditions
“Trusted Proxies international proxies solution is a scalable & accurate way for search marketers to truly understand how their content is performing in local markets. A brilliant solution for marketers of any size with a knowledgeable & helpful support team.” -- Bill Hunt, President, Back Azimuth Consulting
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Say “Goodbye” to complicated software settings & send 1,000+ queries per minute to leading Search Engines. Complete keyword reports in minutes instead of days. Vastly expand your keyword lists to uncover hundreds of new niches for SEO exploitation.

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