Prevent Google Blocks

Google, Bing and many other Search Engines do not like automated queries against their data. They explain it is because they are protecting their resources against large scale botnet attacks that could otherwise overwhelm their servers. Therefore they will block any kind of automated querying as a default defence mechanism.

If you’re a “white hat” Digital Marketing professional, you very likely have seen you’re your software’s automated queries getting blocked as Google mistakes you for a “black hat” botnet.

Prevent Google Blocks

Playing Nice With Google

The Solution to Automated Queries & Playing Nice With Google

Trusted Proxies brings you a solution. Firstly you set your software to use “Search Engine Friendly” or “Human Emulation” mode so you “play nice” with Google. Then by using multiple Proxy Servers in parallel, your Search Engine Ranking software can execute multiple friendly queries simultaneously, so your reports complete much faster than before.

And you don’t get blocked!

The more Parallel Proxy Servers you use, the faster your reports will go.

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