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Are you engaged in white hat competitive web research but find your software’s queries are often blocked by your target websites?

Are you using Public Proxy Servers, or low cost Private Proxy Servers, or insecure P2P networks for your scraping but they give you even more headaches with blocks and endless switching and juggling of IP’s?

Trusted Proxies’ Proxy Server Cloud runs on top of our Enterprise Class Proxy Server Platform & API, and is designed to eliminate all these headaches, so you can concentrate on gathering the data you need to run your business.

High Speed Web Scraping

Scraping Simplicity

Scraping Simplicity

The Proxy Server Cloud has been designed for simple use by small scale users and high volume developers alike.

You connect to a single IP Address and Port, and we manage all the Proxy Servers for you.

Desktop software can typically be configured in about 60 seconds.

Developers can integrate with our API with just a few lines of code, using Java, .NET, PHP and several other languages.

Scraping Reliability

Use our optimized and redundant infrastructure, managed by our 24x7 Sys Admin team to keep your mission critical scraping operations running, without being blocked, eliminating almost all of your management overhead.

Search Engine Scraping

The Proxy Server Cloud is not compatible with Search Engines, for which we recommend our specialized Big-G Stealth Extractor.

Multiple IP Rotation Options

Classic Cloud

By default, the Proxy Server Cloud will automatically allocate each of your requests to a different random IP address. This is fine for most uses especially desktop software.

Custom software developers looking to fine tune their scraping can also use the Uber Cloud, or Continuum Cloud products.

Uber Cloud

The “IP-on-Demand” Proxy Server Cloud service. Your software requests a new IP on demand. For example this enables you to complete an entire transaction from the same IP address before changing it.

Continuum Cloud

Time-based IP Service. Each session's IP address changes automatically every X minutes. For example this enables you to do a few transactions, then have the IP address change managed for you.

Proxy Server Cloud Pricing & Trial

Billing for the Proxy Server Cloud can be on a fixed price plan or Pay As You Go, and is based on volume and site profiles.

Request a Free Trial so you can evaluate the Proxy Server Cloud for your business’s scraping requirements and so we can provide you with an accurate pricing quote.