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Proxy Server Platform & API optimized for rapid data extraction – without being blocked
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Are you building or maintaining a SaaS application which requires Fast, Highly-Anonymous Private Proxies Servers to extract your data?

Are you managing existing infrastructure, tired of low speeds, poor reliability, blocks, juggling suppliers & IP’s, sub-standard support and costly management overheads?

Trusted Proxies’ Enterprise Class Proxy Server Platform & API is designed to eliminate all these headaches, so you can concentrate on making your product better and serving your customers.

Use our optimized and redundant infrastructure, managed by our 24x7 Sys Admin team to keep your mission critical applications running.

Block Prevention

API for developers


Developers can use our API to integrate our Proxy Servers into their software with minimal coding.


All of our Proxy Server solutions are designed to be compatible with most programming languages including Java, .NET, PHP and many more.

Block Prevention

We work with your system engineers to understand your app and what you’re trying to do, to recommend an optimal Proxy Server strategy.

This includes ensuring Proxy Severs are delivered to your account already tested for your target website to ensure they’re clean so you can use them right away, assured rapid replacement in the unlikely event of a block and proactive management to preempt blocks in the first place.

Most of this info can also be managed by API.

Private Proxy Free Trial

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High Availability

Our worldwide infrastructure of servers are located in 100's of geographically diverse locations including many Tier 3 and Tier 4 Data Centers.

This means our solutions are housed in the most robust and resilient environments available, ensuring continuing service availability and increased productivity for our clients.

Our in-house Systems Administrators employ state-of-the-art proactive monitoring systems to ensure the uptime of our global IT infrastructure.

Unlike low-cost Proxy Server providers, our infrastructure of Worldwide Proxy Servers spans a huge volume of unique C, B and A class IP addresses. This, along with our diverse data center locations, means that should any Proxy Server suffer a block, or hardware or network failure, only a very small proportion of your Proxy Servers face a potential short period of service interruption. This minimizes risk to your platform and business.

Superior Support & Management

Our dedicated team of Technical Support Engineers work tirelessly 24/7/365 to provide Support and assistance to all our clients across all time zones via:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Ticket System
  • Live Chat
  • Screen share

Your control panel allows you to quickly view your products with us. This simple to use interface allows you to easily manage your Proxy Servers with integrated tools to view your entire estate by location, type, your usage and much more.

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