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Dread the Client Keyword Ranking Reporting cycle?
Have a panic attack if you need on demand ranking data?
Afraid of being blocked by Google?

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Trusted Proxies’ Parallel Private Proxy Server Plans have been engineered and designed specifically for Keyword Ranking software used by SEO Agencies all over the world. They’re designed to work “out the box” first time, with seamless integration, and no blocks.

Trusted Proxies recommends Advanced Web Ranking Desktop (AWR) as the premier SEO keyword tracking tool.

Advanced Web Ranking Desktop (AWR)


During the many years we have worked with SEO Professionals with all types of SEO software, we see AWR being used and acclaimed by many of the largest and most prestigious SEO Agencies.

We have also found AWR to be consistently rock solid and the most reliable tracking tool.

This is because of AWR’s underlying architecture. In common with Trusted Proxies’ own “white hat” philosophy of “playing nice” with the Search Engines, AWR has been architected from the ground up to stay on the right side of Google, Bing and Search Engines in general.

AWR, Rank Tracker, WebCEO & Other SEO Tools

At first sight AWR appears slower than most of its rivals, but that architecture has been designed to be scalable. Combined with Parallel Proxy Servers from Trusted Proxies, optimized for SEO software like AWR, you get predictably scalable results. Use 5 of our Parallel Private Proxy Servers and AWR will go exactly 5 times faster. Use 30 of our Proxy Servers, and AWR will run 30 times faster!

Trusted Proxies’ Proxy Servers for AWR are tested with AWR guaranteeing they’ll work for you, and using AWR and Trusted Proxies together, you won’t get blocked.

If you’re a small to medium agency, you can instead use the Big-G Stealth Extractor. Your AWR will process 1,000+ queries per minute - but without the cost of a large number of Proxy Servers.

If you use Rank Tracker, WebCEO or other SEO tools, our Tech Support engineers with their years of experience, can help you choose a Proxy Server Plan and deploy it effectively with your software.

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