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Are you building or maintaining an App Store Optimization Cloud product that requires gathering accurate Geo-Data from App Stores in multiple countries?

Are you tired of managing slow, unreliable scraping infrastructure, with inaccurate Geo data, accompanied with sub-standard support and costly management overheads?

App Store Optimization Cloud

Gain Accurate Data from Abroad

Gain Accurate Data from Abroad

Our international datacenters located in scores of countries worldwide ensures your platform gathers the most accurate data to show how your clients’ Apps are performing in international markets.
Unlike low-cost solutions, our Enterprise Class Proxy Servers do not employ any trickery to try "fool" data sources into believing the server is located where it is not.

As Trusted Proxies owns and operates infrastructure physically located within scores of countries worldwide, it means any data passed through our International Proxy Server Solutions accurately replicates user behaviour within those international markets.


You can use our API to integrate our International Proxy Server Platform into your software with minimal coding, using a variety of languages including Java, .NET, PHP and others.

Use our optimized and redundant infrastructure distributed across scores of countries, managed by our 24x7 Sys Admin team to ensure the Proxy Servers properly Geo-locate in the App Stores to your target country – so you always get Geo-accurate data.

Trusted Proxies’ Enterprise Class Proxy Server Platform & API is designed to eliminate all these headaches, so you can concentrate on making your product better and serving your customers.

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App Store Block Prevention

We work with your system engineers to recommend an optimal App Store Scraping strategy.

This includes ensuring Geo Proxy Severs are delivered to your account already tested not just for the country in general, but for the App Stores’ location too, to ensure they’re clean so you can use them right away.

You also get assured rapid replacement in the unlikely event of a block and proactive management to preempt blocks in the first place.

Manage most of this by API too.

Superior Support & Management

Our dedicated team of Technical Support Engineers work tirelessly 24/7/365 to provide Support and assistance to all our clients across all time zones via:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Ticket System
  • Live Chat
  • Screen share

Your control panel allows you to quickly view your products with us. This simple to use interface allows you to easily manage your Proxy Servers with integrated tools to view your entire estate by location, type, your usage and much more.

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